Hi there, thanks for visiting my site.

As a versatile brand identity + graphic designer with 15 years of experience, my goal in every project is to create or reimagine brands in ways that are unique, memorable and emotionally compelling.

My focus on branding + visual design as a discipline enables me to work at the highest level no matter the industry, but I do have quite a bit of experience working with brands in the sports, food and beverage, and restaurant spaces. I’d love to do more in the hospitality and outdoor recreation spaces, too. I also do quite a bit of freelance/contract work for agencies.

I believe your brand, and all the ways you craft and express it, is your most fundamental business advantage. Harnessing it’s power for your good is good business. Design always influences. Use it wisely.

Interested in a project, or want to get more info? Shoot me an email and we’ll hop on a 10-minute call to get to know each other. Until then, onward.

Seth Rexilius
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