Seth Rexilius Design

husband + father + designer + 1995 sixth grade lcs badminton runner-up

Founder + Creative Director of WonderWild & Here Below.

Art Director. Designer. Husband. Father.

(Reigning 5th Grade Badminton Champion)

Seth Rexilius, Designer

Seth Rexilius

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my online studio.  

I am a versatile designer who's worked in a handful of different markets—sports, healthcare, retail, transportation, non-profit—as well as executed an array of design styles. 

What I do with excellence:

  • Logo & Identity Suites
  • Brand Style Guides & Development
  • Print Materials (such as brochures, flyers and posters)
  • Magazines & Publications
  • Packaging
  • Web & Visual Design 
  • Marketing Campaigns

Things I believe:

  • I believe visual design has a powerful effect on the creation and development of a brand.
  • I believe design is emotional and influences decisions. 
  • Because of this, I believe design is ultimately about people. 
  • I believe sophistication and quality can be simple.
  • I don't believe in being ordinary, mediocre or unnecessarily complex. 
  • I believe branding and design is storytelling. 

If you are an agency, company or start-up looking for quality design without the overhead, let's talk. I am currently accepting new projects and would love to hear from you.

Thank you, and God bless.
Seth Rexilius

Brand Experience Includes:

Seth Rexilius brand experience

Seth is one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. He seeks to understand the entire strategy before offering creative solutions, and has an incredible ability to make an idea come alive from a visual perspective. Seth also offers feedback to improve the overall outcome of a project. I continue to trust him as a go-to resource for creative concepting, design, and...more.
— Ali Schwanke | Marketing Consultant, Strategist, Entrepreneur