Focus is the antidote to mediocrity


Focus is a powerful thing. 

Focus is necessary for momentum, which is essential for efficiency, which is critical to profitability. 

It’s also a matter of excellence. Distractions dilute the process, which in turn weakens outcome. To do something with excellence means to invest all you have, within the given constraints, to craft the right solution for the right company aimed at the right audience. To determine any of those things accurately, focus is a necessary ingredient. 

So ask yourself: What’s the most important thing? Do that next. Repeat. 

My challenge, as is yours, is to forge the space that breeds focus into each day’s battleground of tasks clamoring for our attention. The secondary becomes the momentary enemy. Only then can I truly pursue excellence, work with skilled efficiency, and attain simplicity that captures the heart.

Focus is the antidote to mediocrity.

Seth RexiliusComment