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Why Runs Deep

I supposed I should start off by way of introduction. My name is Seth Rexilius, and I am many things to many people: husband, father of four, lover of sports, believer in Jesus, crossword puzzler, and world-class coffee consumer.

Thinking about why I do what I do invariably leads to introspectively sifting through a handful of things. Who am I, today? It might be different than who I was 3 years ago. What have I been equipped and gifted to do? What have my experiences in this life taught me, and how have they molded and sharpened and chiseled me into the person I am today? What kind of decisions, and their consequences, have lead me to this point in time? The story is complex. I am an amalgamation of innumerable events, people, choices and providence.

But at the same time, it’s actually quite simple. I did not choose to set my feet upon this beautiful earth in Lincoln, Neb., back in 1982. But I did choose to pursue some things in life; like football and art and family. Thankfully, the latter two worked out for me. The ability for humans to recreate the beauty they see around them with simple forms has always amazed me.

I am a designer at heart because I’ve been created with a desire for order, yet newness. I like pattern and rhythm, but seek change constantly. I like to make things predictable, then crave disruption. I never trust the status quo. I rebel against normal. (Confession: Doubtful I’m as cool as that might make me sound)

More specifically, I feel alive using colors and type and images to create. The power of these simple elements, and the infinite ways in which they can be combined, astounds me. You can make people feel something deep inside themselves by crafting and arranging and executing materials in thoughtful ways. In a very real sense, I am afforded the opportunity, on a weekly basis, to imitate my Creator. This is a blessing, because it heightens my awareness of the beauty, thoughtfulness, order, newness and sheer magnitude of existence. This is profoundly healthy and humbling.

Of course, at a fundamental level I do this because it provides for my family. It provides interesting challenges, and I get to meet and collaborate with smart, interesting people. I get to solve business problems with design. I get to listen to music and play in Adobe Creative every day. I get to work from home and be present with my family. And all I need to work with anyone in the world is a computer and internet (and coffee, who am I kidding). That’s pretty incredible. I try not to take these simple things for granted.

Underneath all this, I do what I do because it provides purpose to my life. My roles in life—designer, husband, father, friend, etc.—influence each other. Being a designer is a very significant, real part of who I am, but it’s not my ultimate identity. Most days, I’m proud of and thankful for my work because the process of creating fashions me, teaches me about myself, helps me understand others and the world we live in, and ultimately points me to a higher purpose.

Living my story well.


This post was originally written for and published by my good friends at Eden Creative