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husband + father + designer + 1995 sixth grade lcs badminton runner-up

Founder + Creative Director of WonderWild & Here Below.

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Welcome to my new website.

Hey everybody, I have a new website! You probably realized that already. Why? I'm glad you asked. 

Throughout the past couple years I've been doing more and more freelance work. This is something I very much enjoy, thrive on, grow from and continue to seek out. In fact, I'm nearing the point of making the leap into full-time freelance world. A little scary, yes. But even more invigorating. As a result, a new, more professional website was in order. Now I hope you'll join me on this journey in some way. 

In an attempt to be authentic and transparent, here are a few things about me you may not know:

  1. I consider my primary duty in life to be a husband and father. Then designer. 
  2. I've been married for 9 years now, and we have four children. Soon to be five, as we're in the midst of an international adoption. 
  3. I played football at the University of Nebraska, and got to be a part of the 2001 National Championship at the Rose Bowl. 
  4. I am the worst snow skier you will ever meet. 
  5. I drink almost a pot of coffee every day, with very few exceptions. 
  6. I love the Lord, and am thankful for the abundance of mercy he has shown me in drawing me to Himself through Jesus Christ. 
  7. I have four tattoos, the newest being an olive tree illustration on my right forearm. 
  8. I have wanderlust. 
  9. I try not to take living in the USA for granted. Also, I decided I'm going to take up camping. These two things seem related somehow. 
  10. I really was the 5th grade badminton champion. After a finals match for the ages, I promptly retired. So I guess you could say I'm like the Bobby Fischer of the elementary badminton circuit.

Want to know something else? Just ask!